Times are Changing

Heather Ness

Times are changing and seem to be every micro second of the day. Every aspect of our lives have changed from what cereal is available on the shelf to how everyone has a different opinion over what is correct or not during COVD times. 

With things changing in our small retail world I wanted to give some update and perspective on the change. Inflation has touched every corner of the world. This includes how small businesses are run. Being a business owner we have faced every obstacle in the last two years. So I say it’s time for a change. Let’s go back to the basics. The continuing rise in credit card rates, easy pay fees, interest rates climbing we are forced to make decisions on where to save the dollar to continue growing our business. So here are some great tips on how to help us do this. 

1. Paying with cash. I looked at the rates for our credit card fees, Paypal and other easy pay options and was astounded by by the percentage that is taken and the flat fee per purchase. Then the platform takes their fee and it trickles down further. Small business owners are paying  $1,000 of dollars a year and for nothing more than large corporations to make billions. In the world where people now state we do not take cash i say “cash? Well I will gladly take cash!” So bring you cash and every sale you will receive a chance to win $25.00 gift card for our store. 

2. Check small businesses social media platforms. Many platforms have changed the way they allow the flow of posts and I hear frequently “I didn’t see this last week. How did I miss it ?”  So go to your favorite local store social sites and websites to see the latest that is happening at their store. You may be surprised how many unique fun items are available on a VIP site or how helpful the weekly updates are for current hours, sales and events. 

3. Last but not least here is a fun and easy one. Go and discover your local town and check out their downtown. Do some research and see if they have small shops that offer Gifts, Clothing, Decor, Antiques, Entertainment for the family like bowling, movies, parks and fun town events. Post on your social media the things that you did that day and enjoyed. Tag the store or place you are at and start spreading the word, as this is simply the best advertising a small business can receive. Positive word of mouth!! 

Try these three things over the next few months and see if this make a positive impact on your local and small businesses. It may even improve your own life by knowing that you are impacting a small business, family, downtown, community and even the State by simple back to basic techniques in 2022.