Fur Real PoopaLots

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What's more fun than walking a pet? Walking a pet that poops! Give this cuddly dog a few of his included play treats, then assemble and attach his leash and take him for a walk. As you walk him, he starts to do his business, leaving a trail of poop nuggets behind. Luckily, he comes with his own poop scooper for quick and easy cleanups. There's no doubt children will find this poopin pup hilarious.

FurReal Poopalots pets feature a connectible system that lets kids walk one pet or their favorite pack! This poopin dog comes with a detachable leash to walk him across the floor. Just push him along by his leash and he'll move forward. Feed him the included play treats first if you want him to poop. So, who's ready for a nice walk?


  • Adorable pup you can feed and walk, then clean up after he poops
  • Includes poop scooper that's also a carrying case for treats
  • Connectible system lets you walk this pup by himself or with Poopalots Lil Wags pets (other pets sold separately)
  • Great birthday or holiday gift

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