Kinetic Sandwhirlz

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Open up the case to discover your Kinetic Sand™ inside! Plus, there's a play area on the lid that's ready for your creations. Play with your Kinetic Sand™ to get it flowy, soft, and ready for shaping. Next, use the scoop to drop sand into the burst or cloud-shaped extruder tube. Lightly squish the Kinetic Sand™ down with the plunger and continue to layer and fill it with sand. Once it's full, choose a shape shifter. Each one has a different design for a unique sand effect! Your children will enjoy hours of play with Kinetic Sand™.

Brand Name: Kinetic Sand


  • Stimulates creativity, easily cleans up, and sticks to itself
  • Nontoxic and hypoallergenic
  • Creates colorful effects
  • Made with natural sand
  • Fun to play with

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