When a puzzle starts to look like the picture.

Heather Ness

Remember how you always thought your life would be but somehow things look different?Maybe worse, hopefully better.  I was told there would be a turning cuspid in July and August that would lead my life into new territory with life, finances, relationships, health. I love to think that these things are self made because you think they are coming because someone told you they were.
However,  until today I had forgotten the conversation and while sitting in my chair,  I looked at what had been accomplished, meetings set up, little task that should be simple but have been in the list and are now finally marked off. Children pursuing hope and dreams trying to make sense of life.
When I take a task on I strive to be good at what i do. Someone once told me “tell her she can’t be a astronaut and you will see her on the moon”.
Not because it’s given to me but because I study, dig deep, push forward in every situation (although some days a day in bed is good too) see the need to educate, make and adjust to what life gives us and see that even though I am quiet, I like a good night out sometimes, while my friend group is small they are always there if I ask. (Which isn’t often)

I have allowed all the crappy things I have done, things that have been done to not hinder what I can become. Carrying that baggage makes you less of what your full potential can be. That doesn’t mean some days are bad and I want to run away on vacation to reset. It doesn’t mean i don’t miss the ones who are not here in life it’s me to love and cherish. But don’t let your negativity consume the true being you are. I continue to work on worrying about things I have no control over. Fear of what might happen because of the past will overtake sometimes. But today I felt a lift in my step a weight taken and shifted to the motivating start of something worth working towards and succeeding for my family. Do what you love ❤️ love what you do❤️ Don’t forget who helped you get to that moment when you feel a peace ❤️ You will never forget the pain, hurt, and suffering from the past but you will remember the day you knew you had turned that corner and were in the way back to a life that you can control and make your destiny. 

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