Is the end of the Rainbow Real? This week is was!

Heather Ness

Open Honest Long Read.
My life has been crazy and not posting has added a guilt as i have  so many things that run through my head laying at night awake while the house is quiet. So I’ll dive right into my rainbow week and how the highs and lows and changes are everywhere. 
Summers are a slower season for us in our area and a stressful time. I often get overwhelmed with the idea of what we need to do for the month for bills and extras. Sometimes it’s to much and I simply look in dismiss at what I should be doing 16 hours a day. I promote small business and our community supports us for many reasons which is why I commit to a stressful yet rewarding job when I allow myself to see that. 
We always say we have no summer plans and then every weekend or week is filled to the brim. And we are not half as busy as some people. I watch at times with a jealous twinge of the mother who works, takes kids to multiple events, cooks, cleans, meets for book groups or chats at the pool like they are ready for the challenge.
I remember myself being like that with my now grown children working 3 jobs, obtaining a Masters Degree, watching football games and trying to keep one out of trouble. NOT HAPPENING NOW! I do lots of things and keep myself busy with community things, Ellie’s projects which can be large, run the store to the best I can as myself, Make sure my family s wording on their mental health and then I am up at night with my brain streaming things I should be transcribing for the next big thing coming up.

BUT there is a reason my life is this way and frankly I am the one responsible for my mental health. Things keeping me busy,  motivated, excited, a purpose of goal are what keep my mental health in check. (Not always) but it helps.  My down time is watching a crazy comedy that is so ridiculous I laugh until I cry.

So June has flow and it was a stressful once. Family took precedent again and always will for important life events. On March 10th, we were able to agree and have paperwork drawn up between both parties for us to adopt Ellie as our daughter. A high day for me even though some of it was selfish. High day being adoption was going to be approved as well as parental rights were terminated on the same day We had buried my daughter 4 years to the date. It was a day of closure and moving in for me in many ways. June 29th we were proud to stand in a courtroom and adopt Ellie Joy as our daughter. Watching her face made all the money, years of worry, fears, anger all disappear. It brings our life a sense of wholeness and not worry. 
Sorry told  you long post. 
So here is to the July! A huge month with many things. Here’s to what we make July and to all those who feel how I do everyday, the push is worth it. Sometimes it drags you down and it will take you some time to get back up but someone is always there happy your are in their lives!! 
July List of Stress and Bless. Watch how July pans out with these topics.

My topic for tomorrow the 4th of July is. Linking with the Mayor. (And trying to loose a tooth🤣) 

1. Is your business failing or succeeding due to your mental health?

2. Addiction and through the eyes of a child. 

3. Huge Pageant Month preparing while keeping mental health in control. 

4. Pageant week I will be posting. It is a stressful yet most amazing experience for me. But I’ll give you some behind the scenes of how I really feel and the problems and triumphs I face. 

i hope you continue to read and follow as my platform grows more with each event, person, government officials and queens I talk to. Mental Health and Addiction Dual Diagnosis is a must!!

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